An article by the Erasmus+KA2 work group

An article by the Erasmus+KA2 work group


     On 16th till 21st of December 2018, five pupils and two teachers of the 9th High School of Kalamaria travelled to and were received as guests in Çanakkale, Turkey, to take part in the first Educational Meeting of our common European Project, Erasmus+ 2018-2020, with other seventeen pupils from schools of Poland, Latvia, Portugal and Italy. The meeting was organized by the Turkish public school T.C. ECEABAT KAYMAKAMLIĞI, Opet Tarihe Saygı Ortaokulu Müdürülügü (Çanakkale, Eceabat), under the more specific title “Old Professions”.


     This meeting works opened with the digital presentation of information about the older professions in each participating country and the projection of the interviews given to pupils by their grandparents about the professions they used to practise in their times.


     The plentiful programme included cultural visits to the area attractions and various, interesting Workshops. All the educational missions met a warm welcome by the Governor of Eceabat. Then, they visited the Museum of Ceramics and the Trojan Museum, the Bouleterium (/Parliament) and the Odeon as well. During their tour around the ancient site of Troy, the Greek pupils brought back to their mind hearings and readings from Homer's 'The Iliad', subject they are being taught at school. All participants' enthusiasm was evident during the Workshops, where they were taught the techniques  of making marbles, ceramics, filography, tiles, toys and musical instruments; techniques that were used by all to make their own, hand-made creation. In the Workshops of “Knitting”“Painting” and “Gardening”, they really experienced the 'slowing down' of their rhythms in the process of learning.


     The hospitality, offered by the Turkish parents, was exemplary. All Greek pupils declared that the caring treatment, the spontaneous and continual concern for their needs, and the mild warmth from their hosts and hostesses made them feel indeed like home.


     We would like to address a great 'Thank you' to the organizers of the first educational meeting, to our co-operators in this Erasmus+2018-2020 project, under the general title “Slowing down, a new face of European Education”.